Calciprime 60K Capsules

Calciprime 60K Capsules

Calciprime 60K Capsules, offered by us, possess anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. Calciprime 60K Capsules and Tretskin 20mg Capsules are the clinically proven Soft Gelatin Capsules offered by us. Used for treating various ailments, these Soft Gelatin Capsules are specially prepared for people who face problem in consuming hard tablets. Furthermore, the packaging of our Soft Gelsatin Capsules ensures protection against all adverse external influences that can alter their properties.


Type Allopathic
Shelf Life 1 Year
Form Capsules
Dosage Form As Per Physician
Precautions Keep out of reach of children.
Dosage As per doctors prescription
Storage Cool and Dry Place

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